Looking For The Best Autoresponder?

Are you just now figuring how important email marketing can be for your business? No matter what business you are in, you need leads. And if you treat these leads right, these same leads can then turn into sales and happy customers.

If you want to be successful at email marketing, then you’ll need an autoresponder. Not just any autoresponder, but a good autoresponder.

On this site we have gone out and tested all the popular autoresponders we could get our hands on and put them through the paces as part of our own email marketing efforts.

Ultimately, we’ve come up with short list of 3 of the best autoresponders that we can confidently recommend. Each one will provide you with the email deliverability, features and support that you will need to become the basis of your email marketing efforts.

Below is a list of the 3 best autoresponders we’ve found according to our testing.

#1 Top Autoresponder – AWeber


Aweber Rating:

AWeber is the primary autoresponder we use here at AutoresponderGeeks. We’ve been customers for a few years now, and we’ve been very happy with the email deliverability, ease of use, email analytics, and customer support that AWeber provides.

AWeber is currently in use by over 100k businesses and it’s easily the most popular autoresponder used by internet marketers everywhere.

Where AWeber shines is in its email deliverability ensures that your emails get through to your subscribers. They do this through their extensive relationships with ISPs to make sure your emails are whitelisted and don’t get blocked by their servers.

AWeber, in our experience, is the easiest autoresponder to get a hang of. Of course all autoresponders have some sort of learning curve, but AWeber mitigates this with it’s step by step email campaign wizards, and simple web form builder.

Plus AWeber is contains all the email analytics features you need to completely optimize your opt-in campaigns. You can track your email opens, clicks, unsubscribes all within the AWeber dashboard.

AWeber is hands down the best autoresponder we’ve used, and we will continue to use them for the forseeable future. If you’re ready to try AWeber yourself, make sure to take advantage of the $1 AWeber trial and their 30 day money back guarantee.

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#2 Top Autoresponder – GetResponse


GetResponse Rating:

While AWeber is the #1 autoresponder in terms of popularity, GetResponse is a clear second. It offers many of the same advantages that AWeber does including reliable email deliverabilty, good customer support, and offers better monthly pricing than AWeber as well.

GetResponse also includes a couple of features that AWeber doesn’t have including the ability to send online surveys to your subscribers, stock photos, and a really nice iPhone application where you can access your account.

The only real negative about GetResponse is that it’s interface isn’t as nice to use as AWeber is. So for email marketing newbies, you may face a slightly higher learning curve than when using AWeber.

Still, GetResponse has many fans and many marketers swear by this autoresponder. If you have under 100 subscribers, GetResponse has a completely free plan you can use, so definitely give it a shot.

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#3 Top Autoresponder – InfusionSoft


InfusionSoft Rating:

If InfusionSoft seems expensive to you, that’s because it’s more than just an autoresponder. It’s a complete automated marketing software that combines Customer Relationship Management (CRM), email marketing and shopping cart together into a single solution. While InfusionSoft is not for everyone, it certainly has its place with some of the very top internet marketers.

Where InfusionSoft stands out, is it’s unparalleled automation. It can do things like start and stop email campaigns based on your customer’s behaviors like product purchases or email clicks. Or do things like run a specific set of actions when someone clicks on a particular link in an email.

InfusionSoft certainly has a huge learning curve. It’s not as easy to get up and running compared with AWeber or GetResponse. And of course, the price can be enough to drive many people away.

Still if you need the power that InfusionSoft offers, I would first take attend one of their free webinars to find out exactly what you can do with InfusionSoft. Then take advantage of their free trial plans and make sure it will work for your business.

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